Christmas wedding stationery and invitations to suit a winter wedding theme. See our Christmas wreath invitations with a botanical feel. Our festive rose design features rich red roses and pinecones. Our most popular Christmas wedding themed design is based around the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song. Also the ‘Partridge in a Peartree’ is a favourite.

Paper Pleasures' Christmas illustrations are inspired by holly, mistletoe, ivory flowers, red berries and winter greenery. Finished with a hint of sparkle to highlight the winter season.

All our Christmas wedding invitations are printed on high quality card. Colours, illustrations and ribbon colour are personalised to suit your wedding.

If you have ideas for your Christmas wedding stationery then please contact us. We would be delighted to talk.

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Wedding Reception Stationery – 12 Days of Christmas Our 12 Days of Christmas Seating Plan was supplied as a kit for the Bride and Groom to print their own guest list.